Using Psychology In Your Business Dealings

It can be argued that a huge percentage of success or failure in any kind of business deal that involves personal contact is going to be based on various aspects of psychology. You are, after all, just dealing with one brain communicating to another brain. So, your best bet to reach your goal is to understand how this psychology works, and then use it to your advantage.

Five little tips to help you in this direction include tapping into addictive behaviors, learning about happy chemicals, using marketing data, knowing how to be a good person, and reading business bestsellers on a regular basis.

Tapping Into Addictive Behaviors

On an understandable fringe of psychology is the idea that you can use people’s addictive behaviors to control some of their interactions with you. When you study the causes of addiction, you’ll find that there are arguments that it may be a brain issue, or it may be a behavior issue. From a business perspective, however, what you’re looking for is how to pull out an expected response from a certain personality, thereby locking in your sales goal.

Learning About Happy Chemicals

The psychology of business is also the psychology of happy chemicals. Knowing, on a biological level, what chemicals run through the body and brain under different social circumstances has a huge benefit to you. You can begin to read body language, and tweak your presentation to match moods and desires with a way to communicate your desired function. And this can be done on a group or individual level. The more you understand the causes and effects of these chemicals, the better you can streamline your business pitches.

Using Marketing Data

There’s a tremendous amount of data out there when it comes to marketing from a psychological perspective. Once you begin reading the conclusions of these sets of research, you can immediately take action with your business decisions to use this information to solidify your personal marketing message. Websites especially are full of psychology.

Being a Good Person

One thing that will help you as a business person is to always make it seem as though you’re a good person. That may seem like a bit of a strange statement, but if you’ve ever dealt with someone trying to sell you something that feels like they’re somehow dishonest, then you know that’s an immediate turn-off. Make sure that you give off the right signals!

Reading Business Best-Sellers

If you read a business book once per week that’s on the best-seller list, that will help you keep focused about the psychology of selling as well. Every chapter that you read, consider what the mental focus is, and see if you can incorporate that into your personal branding scheme.