The Difference Between Dedicated and Shared Hosting

When considering setting up a blog or website one of the first questions you should ask

yourself is “What type of hosting should I go with, shared or dedicated?” The satisfaction and profit you receive from your blog may very well depend on the answer you decide upon.

So first you need to know the difference between the two. Here goes:

Dedicated Hosting

If your website is already profitable or is on the cusp of being profitable you should think seriously about dedicated hosting. It can cost up to several hundred dollars a month; that’s why you should already be making good money with your blog or very certain that you soon will be making good money.

Dedicated hosting offers tighter security than shared one because there’s no chance another site’s security leaks can affect yours.

There is greater control over the totality of your hosting environment. You, or your tech staff, will be able to do much more with plugins and apps than if you were sharing.

And finally, your bandwidth is greatly expanded with dedicated hosting; this gives you scope for increasing traffic, even if it’s exponential.

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is the less expensive choice. It boils down to sharing server resources with a bunch of other sites that use the same hardware.

So the site you have uses only a portion of the complete speed and power of the server. This can mean a decline in performance if the other clients ramp up their server use.

For those with small budgets and goals, this is a very cost effective choice. On the other hand, if you’re wanting to grow your website until you get huge amounts of traffic, then you need to seriously consider a dedicated host.

The Purposes of Dedicated Hosting

With larger websites, or ones that deal in a lot of traffic, dedicated hosting provides a speedy, customized, and, above all, stable hosting environment. Many bloggers begin with a shared hosting plan and then switch when their sites got too big to conveniently stay with a shared host.

Dedicated hosting is also usually much less susceptible to hackers, since the site is yours and yours alone — with no other sites connected to yours that might introduce malware.

For better speed, reliability, and security, the choice is dedicated hosting. But that only works for your blog if you’ve got the traffic and the income to support the higher fees. Otherwise, stay with shared hosting as the most economical way to maintain your blog.