Role Of Cut Resistant Gloves in Food Industry

A large amount of hand injuries take place due to inadequate hand protection and cut resistance. Cut resistant gloves have been used by all sorts of industries that rely on labor services. These workers work full time with the machines and are exposed to mechanical hazards. We are living in the age of information. While we own an industry, even when we do not work among these workers, we can easily understand the level of patience and commitment they offer. The machines are devised to take the heavy load and works at very high rpms. In this post we are going to talk about the food industry and the role of cut resistant gloves in ensuring the safety of the workers.


Razor sharp knives are the primary tool in the food industry. Additionally, the food processors and auto slicing machinery are made with sharp knives and metallic components. Even while using the knife at home, we remain alert all the time. Any ignorance may lead to a cut or a heavy injury. I have seen many of my friends using the sharp knives so casually as if they are playing with them. Their dexterity is incomparable and I highly appreciate their mastery over the knife handling. But not all of us hold the same mastery over these sharp substances. Even when we are skilled, the precautions should be taken in an appropriate manner. It is  understandable that a peeling knife can be used easily as compared to a blunt and sharp cutting knives.

I remember an incident when a close friend of mine accidentally cut his finger while chopping the onions with razor sharp knife. He was lucky enough to get a minimal amount of knife injury. However, it could have been a different experience. While we are not sure of our luck with these sharp substances, we can at least use the cut resistant gloves that are capable of providing good amount of grip and cut resistance. It is widely known fact that the cut resistant gloves have provided an optimum amount of protection to various industries and has prevented many fatal situations.

These gloves are constructed by taking care of various safety and comfort aspects in account. Only a protective substance is not enough to offer a good amount of performance. The comfort, flexibility and dexterity is measured by the way it is made. These cut resistant gloves has evolved in a long period of time and we are living in a time when we can consume this evolved technology at its best. All we have to do is to pay a minimal amount of money and take a good amount of protection in return.

Cut resistant gloves are getting widely popular in food and chopping industries for their incomparable performance and efficiency. These are extremely lightweight materials and does not contributes to any discomfort or handling issues. Instead, the grippy material and elasticity increases your confidence to handle various sharp machinery and tools.

While purchasing the one, make sure that you keep the sizing aspects in mind and go for the right and comfortable size and design. It is essential to understand that spending on industrial level cut resistant gloves when you work in the kitchen may cost your more. The levels vary from level 1 to level 5. For home based sharp instruments handling, you can go for level 1 or level 2. For industrial based cut resistance, the level 3 to level 5 is recommended. Also, you should check out every other size that fits you. The glove should neither be very tight nor very loose. Most the cut resistance gloves are machine washable but following the manufacturer’s washing guidelines is highly beneficial for their durability.

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