Four Tips For Smarter Internet Usage

Everyone spends a good deal of their days on the internet now. Even if you aren’t sitting at a computer at a desk, you could be using a laptop or tablet in bed, or might even be tinkering around on your phone on the bus right into work. No matter where or how you’re using the internet, you want to make sure that you are safely using the internet.

You want to use it both safely and smarter. Smart internet usage can have a lot to do with what you are doing on the internet. If you aren’t using it for fun, for communication, and for work, then you might be missing out on some things!

Practice Safety

There are many ways to stay safe on the internet and they all take a little time and effort. You want to have virus software and even anti-Malware software that keeps your computer from being hacked or being turned into an expensive paperweight. You should also be using encryption software, especially when you’re sending emails contained sensitive information.

You should also be doing things like changing your passwords on a regular basis. You don’t have to do it monthly, but you’ll want to do it a little more often if you have noticed anyone getting into any of your accounts, especially if you’ve had a credit card or bank account hacked recently. Also, never keep your passwords saved where anyone can find them.

Experience The Cloud

A smart way to work and to save all of the things you’re doing online is to start using the cloud. Whether you’re storing things in Dropbox or on Google Drive, having your documents, photos and more stored in cloud storage will let you have access to it from any internet connection anywhere.

Get Grammarly

Grammarly will have you writing better in no time. The app even works with your social media accounts so you won’t have to deal with grammar trolls on Facebook anymore. The free download will catch your minor mistakes, like commas in the wrong place or a word out of place, and the paid version will have you writing like an English teacher.

Take Advantage

Make sure you are taking advantage of all of the things the internet has to offer. Use social media, blogging, and free website services that are available to you. Invest in the things that help you in work and in personal internet time.

You also should be clearing your history and cookies every so often so that you have no issues getting into your favorite sites! Cookies can sometimes cause issues, and too much stuff hanging out in your browser memory can slow down your internet connection. Try defragmenting and/or using something like CCleaner.