Four Tips For Dressing Your Employees

When it comes to work attire some businesses are pretty lax and let people wear what they want to work, within reason. However, some businesses enjoy uniformity and, thus, have their workers wear uniforms. Uniforms definitely come in different styles, and the uniforms you pick for your employees may have a great deal to do with the type of work they are doing and where they are doing it.

Make Sure The Style Fits The Job

First of all, you need to make sure that the clothing you are getting for your employees suits the job they are doing. People waiting tables will get warm if they’re in more than a t-shirt, especially during a busy shift. However, someone working as a lawn care professional may need both something cool and something warm to wear.

You have many options. For someone that needs a little extra warmth when it comes to working, you may want to invest in a hoodie or sweater with your business logo on it. Otherwise, a t-shirt or polo shirt (which come in long and short sleeves) may be a good option. For people working in the warm weather in the outdoors, you may even want a tank top with your business logo.

Consider Colors

Color matters when it comes to employee uniforms as well. You wouldn’t want to put your waitstaff in white or something extremely light colored that will easily show stains. You also wouldn’t want outdoor workers that are getting dirty and sweaty wearing these light colors either.

Colors are a huge deal when it comes to marketing. You may have even done some research on the meaning of colors when you started working on designing your business logo. Some colors make people hungry, some colors make people want to spend money, and other colors make people feel more relaxed. Consider your business type when it comes to uniform colors.

Space For Logos

You also want your business attire to have room for a logo. This is important in stores and even sometimes in larger offices since it lets people know who works there and who doesn’t. Nothing is more frustrating to a customer than asking numerous people if they “work here.” Even name tags can sometimes be too small to get attention, but matching shirts with a business logo on them are a sure sign of someone’s status as an employee!

Look For Affordability

You also want to make sure that you are finding the best price on uniforms and logo shirts for your employees. Whether you’re footing the bill or taking it out of their paycheck, you want to find something durable, but you also don’t want to go broke. Especially if it’s a clothing item that may need to be replaced often (like shirts for the kitchen staff).