4 Signs You May Be Overworking Yourself

When it comes to balancing work and life, sometimes it can be a challenge.  If your job is high stress and you carry a lot of responsibility it can make stepping away at the end of the day nearly impossible.  Even though you may physically be at home your head is still in the office.

Whether you are being overworked because of a demanding boss or you are self-inflicting the stress, both are equally damaging.  When people are overworked and don’t make enough time to slow down and enjoy the present in their personal lives they can become disconnected and depressed.

Here are the signs that you should look for that you may be overworking yourself.

You’re Drinking More Than Usual

When people become overwhelmed by the stress of their day to day lives they can tend to lean towards numbing behavior.  A trip to the bar after work becomes a reward that they look forward to at the end of the day.  Society makes it acceptable to turn to substances such as alcohol as stress relief.

Alcohol is regarded as being acceptable to consume with balance, however, if abused, it can lead to your life spiraling out of control and making stress more unbearable to deal with, and could even lead to having to seek treatment.

If you find yourself drinking more than three times a week perhaps it is time to explore what your motivation for doing so is.

You’re Tired All The Time

If you feel as if no amount of sleep is recharging your body that is a sign of being overtired.  Exhaustion is something that goes beyond physical effects but also deeply affects your mind and ability to focus.

It is important to have at least 8 hours of sleep a night.  If your current scheduling isn’t supporting enough sleep you may want to consider that this is only making you less productive.  Studies show that a body well rested has the best cognitive performance and ability to handle a variety of tasks.

Therefore getting rid of the guilt that sleep is “wasting time” is something you want to change your attitude about.  Sleep is, in fact, doing yourself and your work a favor.

You Have Less Patience

A symptom of an imbalance and overtiredness is a lack of ability to calmly process situations.  If something isn’t going at the speed you would like or someone isn’t giving you what you need, you may lose your patience quickly or lose the ability to think before reacting.

Your Personal Relationship Are Suffering

If you aren’t able to spend as much time with your family or perhaps you feel as if you have lost a connection with your partner or friends, this could be because you are spending far too much of your energy on work instead of cultivating your relationships.