3 Tips for Improving Customer Service On The Phone

Aside from providing your customers with a quality phone connection, there’s a lot more that goes into giving your customers a great telephone experience when talking with your company. And while some of your employees may have great telephone or communications skills naturally, others may not be so lucky. So to help you always get positive feedback from customers about talking to your employees on the phone, here are three tips for improving your customer service during phone calls.

Speak Sincerely

If your employees spend a larger portion of their day talking to customers on the phone, it’s only natural for them to get in a mindset where they’re speaking more like robots and less like people. However, this is the exact thing that causes people to feel like they weren’t treated like a valued customer by customer service. One way to combat this is to encourage your employees to always speak as sincerely as possible. Laura McConney, a contributor to SkillsYouNeed.com, shares that not only will this help your customers feel more satisfied at the end of their call, but it could also help relieve tensions if a caller is in a negative or angry mood.

Be Accommodating

Very rarely will a customer call your service number just to chat. Much more common is them calling because they need help or assistance. This means that most callers are already frustrated because they either can’t or weren’t able to handle the problem on their own. Knowing this, Zach Cutler, a contributor to Entrepreneur.com, recommends being as accommodating as possible with the caller. Cutler advises keeping in mind that every customer has the ability to leave a good or bad review about their experience with you, and that by being accommodating, even more so than you might want to think necessary, it can do wonders for the image of your customer service department.

Encourage Customer Feedback

One of the most sure-fire ways to ensure your customer service continues to improve is to encourage your customers to give feedback regarding their experiences with your customer service team. While you may have to sort through a lot of upset responses, you should be able to find constructive criticism if you gather this data correctly. Brian Honigman, a contributor to KISSMetrics.com, shares that you can gather this data through various channels like surveys, social media, focus groups, email communication or on the phone immediately after their call. Just make sure you take the constructive criticism you’re given and implement it so you’re correcting any problems with your current customer service.

If you’re looking for ways in which your employees can improve their customer service when talking on the phone, consider using the tips mentioned above to see marked improvements.